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Web (site) development

Outstanding knowlegde of plain web technologies HTML/CSS/JS/PHP and various template languages including smarty, twig, helma object model, velocity, mustache and handlebars. I learn new ones on the fly.

I love writing CSS and every projects layout is handmade. I just dont need any CSS framework like Bootstrap or Material although i like some of their features. I use them particular on occurance. I am experienced with over 200 developed and published websites for small (KMU) and corporate companies.

WordPress templates

I develop the complete WordPress frontend from scratch. In 2008 i startet with the famous sandbox theme by Scott Wallick as a base. That was the origin of my „sandbox“ theme. Possibilities grow everytime i develop something new. As the newer WordPress versions where published i rebuild my theme from scratch. Adding specific templates for custom content types, taxonomies and fields and the specific structure is part of every project. I have a deep understanding of the WordPress API and its internal functions, hooks and filters that allow me to add functionality without changing any core or plugin file.

Database mining

Give me a database and i get you the data in the format you want and it will look good and will have a great user experience

Everthing is possible: Archives, Listings, Download directories, News, Filters, Orderby, Long scrolling pages, Animated effects, User interactions, Forms, Favorite content, Comments, Content Rating, Events + Calendars, Javascript interactions, Ajax forms, CSS Animations. Even serverside integrations with other databases, rest services or CRM/ERP instances are possible.

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